Tourist Attraction

The Grampians National Park Australia, what a beautiful place to relax and unwind and be surrounded by fresh air amongst the tall mountains

There was only silence in Zumsteins with little blue birds

There the old wooden house stood located in the middle of nowhere

An old photo frame on entrance of the young married couple once occupied house and spooky rocking chairs filling many rooms

Of course I was a jungle girl! Leaves in my hair, paint across my face running towards my favourite tree swinging upside down. Many kangaroos, hundreds!

To my far right amongst the green grassed paddock three bus loads of tourists, Kangaroos so peaceful had the urge to disturb

Nice and close I banged on my chest closed fits exaggerating Tarzans tune. Peace quickly crumbled into chaos Kangaroos all bouncing trying to rid the obnoxious echoed laughter

Kangaroos flocked in direction of the tourists. Japanese faces were all big smiles cameras flashing off every corner, chatter echoing through the mountains confused faces of the cause of Kangaroos approaching.


“That time I blew up that egg.”

That time I blew up that egg

Once upon a time ago I was obsessed with hatching eggs yes I was infatuated

I was seven. Mother asks father gently “now you will look after her while I go grocery shopping wont you.”

Football was blasting out loud from the television speakers echoing down the wooden floor boards

Fathers team is losing, dad hitting and stomping whatever object was near

Hatching chickens in my head, old antique lamp in the shed

Mother’s room looks fine old light bulb perfect fit

Half dozen eggs in the fridge which one shall I pick?

The biggest bang shot through the house blue sparks flying across my face

Egg smashed on the floor tears running down my face

“What have you done.”? The old man rants

The television is black electricity is out! Neighbours need a visit not too sure what to do

“What were you thinking.”?

“Mummy’s going to kill me.”


The Silence in every room – Anxiety

The silence in every room, that feeling of pits at the bottom of your stomach, the rushing adrenaline pumping through your blood and heart skipping the beats, look down sweaty hands as everyone had their gazing eyes stuck on you, judging you. One comment will bring you down for all of the day, past memories you see all around but cannot erase, teary though hides the face, self-medicate alcoholic, wants to opinion ate but holds back, catching up on needed sleep, drained however tired most of the time. Medication is one option and another, psychologists, psychiatrist sessions, hypnotherapy, being judged is much worse. Just remain, society judges, society doesn’t make it okay, eating is an outlet so satisfying, weight gain, people judge. Isolation, kept inside four walls, need to face the world, pay the bills, need to live, would it be better not to exist, deep thoughts, trapped thinking, birds chirping, to be someone else for a day, no one understands, cover it up put a happy face on, no one will know, try your best, hold your breath, keep on fighting, keep on pulling, life must go on, who’s family and which friends, be in a day-dream, live simply thoughts are heavy, drift on, snap out of it, only a stage you will get over it, bounce back, cheer up Charlie, no escape, stay to be you, everyone always has something to say, can’t change people, peace!


Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness

As we all have experienced and now observed that Australia is a multicultural society mixed of all races, ethnic groups and multiple mixed cultures. I believe we are lucky to have access to different foods, experience the difference of other cultures and traditions. I have to mention that I love the Punjabi culture as a matter of fact I married a Punjabi man! I came to learn that an interracial relationship involves a marriage between spouses who belong to different races and interracial relationships were formally declared legal in 1967 which I found appalling that it was taboo. I knew very little about the Indian culture until I got to experience the Punjabi culture and their traditions even learning the language. I traveled to India with my husband to Amritsar Punjab for two weeks attending a friend’s marriage, experiencing traditional Punjabi foods, sitting with the locals and living with family.

My husband is a Sikh with some significance beliefs of universal acceptance of all humanity and the belief in equality of all persons irrespective of their castes, colour, gender, nationality and religion. As a family we attended the Harmandir Sahib (Place of worship) the golden temple located in the city of Amritsar, India. Food is served in the large kitchen called the “Langar” to all visitors regardless of faith or background. On Average 40,000 people are fed daily for free being vegetarian to cater for all so everyone can eat as equals and up to 100,000 on religious holidays and weekends. I suggested to my husband to catch the train from Delhi to Amritsar duration of 7 hours however I was so grateful to have such amazing views of the communities and villages all the way through! It was very touching and an amazing experience. I have travelled to Italy, Germany, Hawaii and Florida on a family trip when I was a lot younger with my Mother, father and older sister meeting all our relatives in Italy however travelling to India was much more meaningful and fun to me. My husband was nice enough to show me his home town, where he prays, were he went to school and even though he accepted he would be judged as being in a relationship with a “Gori” girl meaning a “white girl.” The majority of the community were very respectful and interested in my like for the Punjabi culture however I would get the odd looks from others in the community as I would be wearing the traditional Punjabi suits and occasional comments that my husband is after a visa to live in Australia or I will run away after marriage only after his money. My mother came with us to India as she has longed to go for many years and saw this as her opportunity. She was amazed at how similar the Punjabi culture was to the Italian culture. Family orientated, eating together, singing together!

My mother came to Australia from Italy when she was 9 years old by ship with her family to start a new life. I have very traditional Italian grandparents who I visit regularly. The first thing that was said is that they were afraid I would be taken to India and never returned and they were devastated of our relationship however after meeting my husband’s family and my grandparents meeting my husband a few times our relationship was soon accepted. My mother was very accepting of our relationship as she understands what it feels like not to be accepted. My mother’s parents were very strict and had their ways of thinking and upbringing. My mother’s parents refused my mother to marry my father as he is an Australian! She was pressured and bullied to be sent to Italy to be married off to her own culture however she stood up to her family and got slapped across the face on her wedding day. My parents have now been married for 34 years! I have noticed how people do marry for money or to get visas were they create a bad image for others though we should not judge that this is the same case for all. We are all unique human beings and there is good and bad of every culture lets embrace different cultures and learn to understand them instead of judge and criticize after all there is no wrong and there is no right way of doing things a certain way. Lets teach the next generation, our children, educate and the world would be a much better peaceful place. We cannot change every individual thoughts and ways however giving and receiving knowledge can be a successful approach.